2016-2017 Sponsors

Thank you to our 2016-2017 sponsors!

Diamond Sponsors: 

Tom and Karla Berger

Jodi and Joe DeCosmo

Platinum Sponsors:

Robert and Cynthia Vaughan

Sean and Heidi Stokes

Gold Sponsors: 

Nancy and Richard Tarapchak

Linda Brandner

Mary Ellen Leonard

Sean and Marsha Ryan

Theodore and Judy Moody

Silver Sponsors:

Myra Minuskin

Jane Lang

James and Martha Cleary

Red Sponsors:

Carol Boos

Lloyd Montgomery

Christine Janczewski

Howard Rickspoone

White Sponsors: 

Judith and Charles Finnell

Jane Krumm

Mariann Wulbecker

Maxine Montgomery

Individual Sponsors

The Miami University Dance Team Donor Drive site is a separate website developed by Club Sports at Miami University where family members, friends, alumni and fans can make monetary donations to the dancer of their choice! We have a team goal of raising $15,000 – $20,000 dollars per season through the support of our amazing donors and individual sponsors.  Contact any dance team member or the captains at mudanceteam@gmail.com.

Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors are those businesses and corporations that would like to be a part of our sponsorship for this upcoming season. As a corporate sponsor, you will be receiving incentives and recognition under the Miami University Dance Team!

Why should you sponsor us?

  1. Your company logo or name put on the back of our Nationals T-shirts!
  2. Your company logo and contact information (website address, phone number, address) will be placed on our website Corporate Sponsor link
  3. Your business will have the opportunity to have the Miami Dance Team perform at a special event or promotion.
  4. Free-signed Miami University Dance Team poster!

For these incentives, a business must donate between 100-1000 dollars towards a sponsorship. If you would like to become a corporate sponsor, please fill out sponsorship packet forms, scan and email to mudanceteam@gmail.com or mail to the address listed on our homepage.

Dance Team Posters

Poster sponsors receive community exposure as advertisers in our annual dance team posters. Posters are sold at numerous events throughout the season such as: home basketball and football games, community and campus venues, youth camps, and student organization performances. The additional advertising your business will receive on our annual team poster will be mutually beneficial for your business and will help the Miami University Dance Team reach the next level of competition. Please feel out the sponsor packet below and mail the information to the address listed. Thank you for your generous support!

Performance Opportunities

The Miami University Dance Team is more than willing to bring their dance skills and performances to corporate businesses and high schools! The Dance team offers services of performances to nonprofit organizations as well as our own sponsors who would like us to perform. We love to get our name out there and to allow everyone to see what DT Heart is all about!

Tryout Help and Judging

We also offer different services such as teaching choreography at high school tryouts as well as judging. The dancers love to get this experience passing on their craft to other dancers. It allows them to expand their dance experience and get them ready for life after college. Coaches, if you need assistance at your middle school or high school tryouts, please contact captains Maddi Kelly and Kira Osowski at mudanceteam@gmail.com.

Other Ways to Support MUDT

We are also appreciative of any companies willing to donate actual products and services instead of money. Items needed include costumes, jewelry, athletic bags, photography, printing, make-up, travel and accommodations, shoes, and food/drinks for team meals. Feel free to donate items to use in dance team raffles offered throughout the season at our annual events. If interested in donating to the program, please send an email with your donation idea to mudanceteam@gmail.com.