The Miami Dance Team is made up of dancers who wish to challenge ourselves, and as we work hard, we notice our improvement throughout the year – this is the best feeling!  All the hard work, tears, joys, dances, tricks and training is worth it when we hit the Nationals floor.  In addition to cheering at home games for our Miami Redhawks, our year is dedicated to improvement to prepare for this competition.  This team is more than an extracurricular activity, it is a chance to challenge yourself, improve, be surprised at how much you can push yourself and succeed, and of course, the dance team is where you will meet some of your best friends.

DT Heart: Our Team Motto

“DT Heart” was built on the hopes and dreams of dancers who “wanted more.” These dancers looked at other dance programs and thought, “We can do that.” In order to make this dream a reality, it was necessary to infuse a high level of dedication, commitment, drive, aggressiveness, consistency, alliance, and belief into their base-work. The variables were summed up—thereby giving birth to the phrase, “DT Heart.”

Family Culture

To help solidify the team bond, we establish big and little sisters between veteran members and the freshman. As a new member to the team, this type of dancing and practicing can be completely foreign to what they are used to. To help ease the transition period, veterans will help their little sisters by looking out for them in the dance, school, and social aspects. This includes big/little lunches, outings, and constant communication to help form this family aura within the team.

Nationally Competitive

As a team, our biggest drive throughout the year is getting to compete at NDA Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida. We spend four days in the blue skies and sunshine of Florida as we dance our hardest to prove ourselves to other collegiate teams from around the country. The thrill of being able to perform on the stage in front of a plethora of people, while basking in the performance lights and cameras focusing on your every move is indescribable. It can only be described as the best kind of feeling a dancer can experience. After two days of competition, the team gets their well-deserved vacation on the beach. 

Work Ethic and Drive

Being a part of the Miami Dance Team goes much further than performing for our school and competing. We believe that we need to take the necessary steps in order to reach our goals, and that is evident in our work ethic and drive. Our passion for dance shows in our practices as we are expected to perform one hundred percent of the time. In addition to the practicing routines, we also hold team workouts, take ballet classes and improve our technique throughout the week. The members of the Miami Dance Team strive to show the athleticism and strength that goes into dance, and going back to basic technique and staying in shape is vital to our program. Our workouts and ballet practices complete our mission as dancers, and we continue to keep our work ethic as high as possible in order for our program to succeed.

Different Styles and Technique

From Jazz to Hip Hop and Lyrical to Pom, the Miami University Dance Team is dedicated to providing its dancers with a wide range of dance styles. While each dancer has their favorite style, our routines are very diverse. The dance team performs on many occasions such as club football  games, campus events, and we compete every spring at Nationals. Routines we perform at basketball games can vary from lyrical, contemporary, pom and hip hop as well as jazz. Our team is very diverse and this gives us a chance to excel at all styles of dance and change up our routines so we can keep our audiences on their toes!